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Ketogenic 101 - Basic Guidelines For Beginners

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Losing weight is the biggest challenge. Many eating plans leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. That's why everyone might find it hard to stick to a diet plan. The best way to get slimmer and healthier is to follow or use a diet that suits your daily routine and enables you to lose weight without losing your health. The diet should be that can take in large amount without taking high calories that keto diet. 

In this book, Keisha Gibson has demystified and totally simplified the healthy path to weight loss!

The main topics covered in this book are:

Keto Diet: The book looks critically into what keto dieting is and getting to the root cause analysis of burning fat by maintaining keto dieting. 

Role Of Intermittent Fasting: Keisha also looked at intermittent fasting. This was broken down into its simplest form, allowing the reader to choose the intermittent fasting routine that best suits them. 

Weight Loss Products: At the end, Keisha Gibson has shared some weight loss products that would help you kickstart your journey. Make sure to follow and subscribe to her YouTube channel Kick Weight With Keisha for updates and tutorials.


  • Author: Keisha Gibson
  • Book Title: Ketogenic 101
  • Theme: Healthy Diet Plan
  • Perfect For: Beginners