Creating The Life You Truly Deserve

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We live in a world where you are faced with harsh realities- about people, about yourself, and about everything you can accomplish. These realities sometimes have the ability to cripple your dreams and desires. These can kill the man inside and force him to live a life that is not desired by him. 

"Creating The Life You Truly Deserve" is a mental simulation book that will help to design your life according to your desire!

The book will cover the two main topics:

You Have the Ability To Create Your Reality: The author Zabain and Keisha Gibson put a deep look to understand and explain that life realities can be changed, and only you have the ability to create your reality. It's a big reality of life that most people neglect. You can demand what you really want from life and kick out all the things that restrict your pleasure. 

Live That Life You Truly Desire: The biggest reality is that you are only as limited as you believe you are. This book will not just open your eyes to the power within you, but it will also create a rapid-fire of desire for a long-lasting change, a change that stays with you and is strong enough to help you live the life you truly desire.

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  • Book Title: Creating The Life You Truly Deserve
  • Authors: Zabain and Keisha Gibson 
  • Total Pages: 58 
  • Theme: Mental Simulation