3 Booty Bands Set

$35.99 USD

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Targeted Fitness & Recovery: The multipurpose booty bands can be used to provide stability in deep squats while forming and shaping your butt. It's also good when, stretching out your legs and thighs during pre-or post-workout routines, or even reducing recovery times after injury.

No Sliding / Rolling / Breakage: Made up of polyester & natural latex, the booty bands are super durable and comfortable. The soft, breathable fabric bands are thicker and more resilient than standard bands which keeps them from rolling down, bunching up, or slipping out of place during workouts, stretches, or squats.

Color-Coded Resistance Training: The resistance bands for legs and butt come in three different colors, including pink, purple, and green, that each offers a unique resistance level to let you customize your fitness.

All-Purpose Booty Bands: Toning, strengthening, and tightening your core muscles is easier than ever with the bands suitable for Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, weightlifting, stretching, or popular workout programs like P90X or Beach Body.

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  • Material: High-Quality Polyester + 100% Natural Latex
  • 3 Strength Level: Light, medium & heavy
  • Size: S: L40''/100 x W3cm; M: L40''/100 x W3cm; L: L40''/100 xW3cm
  • Colors: Green, Pink, Purple or Black, Gray, Light Gray