Ketogenic 101 - Basic Guidelines For Beginners

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Changing your life is a big challenge. Many eating plans leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. That's why everyone might find it hard to stick to a diet plan. The best way to get slimmer and healthier is to create a lifestyle change that suits your daily routine and enables you to get fit without losing your health. 

In this book, Keisha Gibson has demystified and totally simplified the healthy path to a healthier life!

The main topics covered in this book are:

Keto Living: This book looks critically into what the Ketogenic lifestyle is all about. Giving you real-life experiences and results. It is great for that beginner that wants to learn more on how to incorporate the Keto lifestyle.

Role Of Intermittent Fasting: Keisha also looked at intermittent fasting. This was broken down into its simplest form, allowing the reader to choose the intermittent fasting routine that best suits them. 

Shape Wear Products: At the end, Keisha Gibson has shared some shapewear products that would help you start feeling confident and looking slimmer.


  • Author: Keisha Gibson
  • Book Title: Ketogenic 101
  • Theme: Healthy Diet Plan
  • Perfect For: Beginners

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sheila King
You are doing a Great Job Helping people

I truly thank God, for you wanting to share your weight loss experence with us.
I have learn so much about me body and why I am having so many health issues. I have alway had a problem withmy bowels and would not go for over
4 days sometime, and it would make me feel sick. I started doing your moring Shots and my bowles started moving right was like a Miracle..And I have also started changing my eating habits. I also order your benning book for my daughter.. Thank you, for sharing knowledge and your journey with the world.

Yupin Valenzuela

Great book with alot of useful information and tips on living and eating healthy

Teeresa Hempstead
Love it!

I needed this booklet. I am more aware of what Keto is now. This has helped me lose more weight and enjoy food I didn't think I could eat! Thank you Keshia!

Stefanie Calloway

Ketogenic 101 - Basic Guidelines For Beginners

Robyn Austin

Ketogenic 101 - Basic Guidelines For Beginners