How would I know what Size to get?
Please look at our size chart for each product and go by your pant size.

How do I size if I am in between sizes?
For example: If my size is a 14 and for fajas a 12-14 is a large but a 14-16 is and xl but I’m a solid 14. Go with the large for fajas but for waist trainers always go for the size up vs going down.

How do I size when getting a faja and waist trainer?
Never get your faja and waist trainer the same size because a waist trainer is not as stretchy. Your waist trainer should always be larger than your faja. Always look at the size chart for each product which is in product photos.

Where do I find the size chart?
All products have a size chart in the photos of that product as well as a size guide beside where you would select your item size. The easiest is to just look in the photos for the chart for that particular product.

When losing weight what are the best products to start with?
It’s recommended to start with a faja and waist trainer.

If I can only get one item which one should I start with?
If you’re on your Weightloss journey I would recommend to start with the faja. If you mainly want to focus on your midsection then go with a waist trainer.

What if I’m u sure about what size to get for a waist trainer?
Size up before sizing down because it is a firm fit. Always look for your pant size per our size chart.