KWWK Vest Waist Trainer

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Good evening good people. I've had mine, vest trainer, for almost two months now and I am just now trying it on. I was anxious about it because I thought it would be uncomfortably tight. It is not. It is PERFECT for me!

I would recommend this product to anyone! The ones from earlier times, like around a decade or more ago, would squeeze too tightly and you could barely breathe or move. Not this one!

I love it and will be purchasing more as well as other products from Keisha's company. Thank you for this phenomenal waist trainer young Sister!

Best Waist Trainer

Hey ladies...I just got in the vest waist trainer and let me say that it fits and feels amazing. Great quality, stretchy and has room to tighten up when we start to loose more weight. Another plus is you can't even see it under your clothes.. Hands down loving it already.. So glad I found Keisha.

Vest Waist Trainer

I found you on facebook Ad looking for a yoga set it fits good very good quality and stretchy thanks!

Something good for the ladies

Hey ladies! Looking for a good waist trainer I found one it’s amazing hose that belly nice and firm makes you look like you on the runway, I wear a large but had to get extra large it runs a little small but good quality I have had waist trainers in the past very uncomfortable wire sticking me in my back and sides this one nicest smooth you can’t go wrong go to