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60 Day Keto Coaching

$999.99 USD

Take back control of your body! Keisha Gibson will help you to get your confidence back in a healthy manner without you having to starve yourself. 

What's Included In Your Coaching? 

7 Day Example Meal Plan:  A seven-day meal plan will be included. It will be provided by Coach Keisha at the start of every week. 

30 Minutes Virtual Session: The coaching session will include a thirty-minute virtual session with Coach Keisha once a week. 

Ketogenic 101: This book is good for beginners and will be provided to you to get basic information about living a Ketogenic lifestyle. 

Personalize Macros: A personalized calorie counter will help to get and take food in calories according to your body requirements. 

40 Ways To Have Keto Recipe Book: The keto recipe book in PDF form will also provide you with delicious recipes to prepare.

Calendar/Planner, Tracker: This will help you to track your progress, measurements and provide motivation quotes to encourage you to keep pushing for greatness.

Weekly Weigh-In: You will weigh in on a weekly basis. This helps to keep you accountable for your actions. And has been proven to be a tactic that creates success.

Keto Grocery List: You will receive a Keto grocery list that breaks down the foods that you can have on Keto in categories.  


  • Coaching Session: 60 days
  • Goals: Self Control and taking charge of your life/body
  • Diet Type: Keto
  • Coach: Keisha Gibson