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30 Day Keto Coaching Session

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Take back control of your body! Keisha Gibson will help you take back control of YOU! Coach Keisha will show you how to get healthier without having to starve yourself.

What's Included In Your Coaching? 

7-Day Example Meal Plan:  A seven-day meal plan will be included. It will be provided by Coach Keisha at the start of every week. 

30 Minutes Virtual Session: The coaching session will include a thirty-minute virtual session with Coach Keisha once a week. 

Ketogenic 101: This book is good for beginners and will be provided you to get basic information about living a Ketogenic lifestyle. 

40 Ways To Have Keto Recipe Book: The keto recipe book in PDF form will also provide you with delicious recipes to prepare.

Calendar/Planner, Tracker: This will help you to track your progress, and measurements and provide motivational quotes to encourage you to keep pushing for greatness.

Weekly Weigh-In: You will weigh in on a weekly basis. This helps to keep you accountable for your actions. And has been proven to be a tactic that creates success.

Keto Grocery List: You will receive a Keto grocery list that breaks down the foods that you can have on Keto in categories.  


  • Coaching Session: 30 days
  • Goals: Get Healthy, Self Control 
  • Diet Type: Keto
  • Coach: Keisha Gibson


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elizabeth Mullin
Love my tiny waist⌛️

High quality & gets the job done! Thank you Keisha!

Trevor W
Weightloss / Healthier Life

I just completed my 30 day Weightloss course and want to pay my regards to Keisha. I’m forever thankful for her encouragement in losing my weight and learning how to live a healthier life. Keisha did a weekly weigh in and was available to me daily. Thank you so much Keisha for being my inspiration

I lost 22 lbs!

I did the 30 day weight loss course and was not fully committing and Keisha got me ALL the way together!! She was firm but in a caring way and made me want better for myself!! I managed to drop 22lbs in 30 days!!! I’m so thankful for the love and care I received, as well as my results!! Thank you Keisha!!!!!